Consistently honing our craft

The Conejo Valley Quilters is always working on numerous individual and group projects, including personal quilts and gifts for the community.

Mini Groups

If you love to quilt and would like to share in the experience of being a part of a mini group or to start one, please attend our June 21 meeting at 6:30 PM at the home of Janine Mansell. Mini Groups are a great place to build friendships, share ideas and skills, and to work on fun projects. We look forward to meeting with those interested.

Janine Mansell

Fabric Exchange

Have you considered that the Conejo Valley Quilters are more like pieces in a chess game than patches on a quilt? No? Well please try to visualize that scenario for a moment. Some of us periodically change our positions on the board. Since I was essentially the pack pony that moved our mobile library, I suppose I was a knight. How noble that sounds!

Well this round I have adopted a smaller role. My new job is to grab some of your charming fabric and pawn it off onto the next player. I think the new position seems fun, but the title “Pawn” seems so common. I think I will go by “Quilt Charming” for the duration of my time on the board.

Here is my current game plan: At the June meeting you can sign up at my castle to join forces. Our aim is to swap one each of the following 6 ½” CHARM SQUARES (per participant) and bring them to the July meeting:

  • White (as snow) solid white, or white on white pattern
  • Bright (as Bobby Fischer) floral, stripe, or print
  • Solid (to coordinate with your Bright master)

Note: Unlike Las Vegas, everyone who plays, wins!

Audi Marshall

Block of the Month



Here you will find files, tips, and other miscellanea supplied by our Guild members.

  1. CVQ Logo Block Instructions
  2. Keeping Rulers from Slipping
  3. Repressing a Seam
  4. Cleaning Your Iron