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Nadine’s Quilt Heaven

Nadine has been quilting since she retired from the family aircraft parts business in 2003. She recalls, “I fell in love with antique quilts. My grandmother gave me one of hers and that started me on my quilting and collecting journey. I still love taking classes and learning new techniques.” When asked which quilting technique is her favorite, she replies, “I love it all— machine piecing and quilting, hand piecing and quilting, needle turn, reverse and raw edge applique and fabric painting.”


Nadine’s quilt room was originally a workroom, craft room and laundry room. Her husband helped her make changes by building shelves, adding tables, lighting and other things she needed along the way.  Now her room has been completely revamped and moved downstairs for easier access.  No more stairs for her!


As a young mom of two daughters she made most of the family’s clothes, including matching dresses for the holidays in the 60s. This busy gal also worked with her two sisters and ran their family’s business from the 1970s through 2003.  Her talents have gone out of this world…literally! They made the part that turned the camera on the Pathfinder on Mars!


Nadine continues to create out-of-this world masterpieces, including a quilt which will be displayed in Quilt Festival Houston this year. Don’t miss the opportunity to stroll through part of this southern style home with its front porch, complete with rockers. You will be speechless at the sight of over 100 antique quilts!  “I feel quilts make a home comfortable,” says Nadine.

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